Late January 2014.

We were back to Hong Kong yesterday!

We have a very pleasant stay at Hotel Shirakabaso! They provided a high standard of service, rooms are nice and big, breakfast and dinner are delicious, rental equipment are new, very heartfelt services in every details.

My husband was hurt during skiing, Sato san sent him to the medical centre which is 30mins away from the hotel and took care of him very well.

Really appreciated!




Late December 2013

We have booked hotel Shirakabaso trough Japan Snow Accommodation. All our inquiries about hotel were answered by the staff very promptly.

The staff also provided us with some hints and tips that were very handy for us while we were arranging entire trip to Japan.

Thanks to the staff from Japan Snow Accommodation for our trip to go so smooth.

Hotel Shirakabaso is a hotel that can cater for everyone. For someone who just wants to relax or for a family. As soon as we entered hotel we felt welcome. The staff were so comforting and helpful.

The rooms were cosy and were able to accommodate four of us and made us feel comfortable.

After a long day of skiing we would come to the room and go to the hotel's communal bath (despite our room had en-suite with the bath). It was a great cultural experience The bath also had all necessities to make this experience very relaxing.

The hotel's outdoor onsen is one not to be missed and it was spectacular, just feeling the cold of the snow but also the heat from the pool and just the piece and quiet made it a lot more relaxing.

After the onsen we would go to have dinner. This was a one of the things we were looking forward to every day. At first it isn't much but they just keep bringing more and more delicious food. By the end of dinner all four of us would be full as there was so much variety.

The breakfast in the morning was very similar and would give us lots of energy for the day.

The hotel has skiing gear for rentals as well as some stuff for little kids.

Hotel's location is also very convenient for exploring Shiga Kogen by ski or by shuttle bus.

Overall the hotel is very cosy. The manager and staff are fantastic and helpful. Service were great and the food was delicious. We would definitely recommend this hotel for its hospitality and facilities and great cultural experience. Family of 4 with 2 grown up kids from Australia travelled in December 2013