Mid Jan 2019

Thank you for organising our Japan snow trip for us.

The Akakura Hotel Annex. This was an interesting hotel. The ceiling was very low as was the doors. I am only 6ft tall and had to duck all the time for fear of hitting my head. The Akakura hotel itself looked great although we didn’t see inside any rooms, but the annex section was a different storey. The room was a good size but the bathroom was so tiny we had to rest our knees on the wall when going to the toilet to fit in. Perhaps the worst bit was the boiler kicked in at 6am and 9pm to warm the hotel and it was so noisy that nothing could sleep through it. The beds were much better, but the service was no way near as good. The reception at the annex was not available a lot of the time, and so a long walk down an alleyway to the Akakura Hotel was needed on many occasion for assistance. The onset at the Akakura hotel was one of the best I have been it, but the the annex indoor onsens was so hot I could not even get in it. The location was very good however. I would recommend the Akakura hotel, but definitely not the Akakura Hotel Annex.
I will contact you mid year about next years snow trip.
Kind regards


Late Deecember 2015

Akakura Hotel & Annex (Myoko) The trip was great - although snow a lot less in the backcountry!

Hotel was great for the family stay and service was great.