25th February 2023
Westin Rusutsu was overall a great property and we really enjoyed our stay. We appreciated the large rooms, comfortable bedding and lounge as well as the oversized windows which gave a great view over the resort.
The breakfast was excellent, at both the western buffet and japanese options and we were impressed with the quality and range on offer daily, however often there was queuing required for breakfast as it was quite busy when we stayed. We dined inside the property for one lunch also, the food was excellent again, and the prices were reasonable.
The main atrium restaurant was also a great way to finish a day of skiing with refreshments before returning to the room.
We also enjoyed the extremely easy access to both mountains, having the option of utilising the small workout studio, very easy access to two well-equipped convenience stores for snacks, supplies and toiletries and only a very short walk to multiple local restaurant options.
Staff throughout were very friendly and welcoming and we are looking forward to staying again.
To improve, I could suggest better traffic management at breakfast, as lining in queue is never the most pleasant way to start the day, and additional amenities to modernise the rooms (i.e. a bluetooth/integrated speaker, more power plugs closer to the beside, USB charging ports (both USB A & C) etc., media connectivity to the TV) for more comfort and enjoyment.
Hisae, thanks for organising this stay as well as our transfers from Sapporo and our vehicle to Niseko- you made it as easy as possible for us and we look forward to booking again with you!
21st February 2023
We had a great time stay in The Westin Rusutsu Resort with the whole package included ski pass and meal service.
Both the hotel service and Japan Snow Accommodation staff are nice and helpful.
We had situation during the the trip. And both side are trying their best to short out the problems. 
Thanks a lot and I would definitely recommend and I am sure to join their package in the future.
16th January 2023
We had an amazing two weeks at the Westin Rusutsu, thank you for arranging accommodation and transfers – all went very well.  It was wonderful to be back skiing in Japan ?

The Westin Rusutsu is our accommodation of choice.  We just love it.  For us, the place has a warm and friendly ambience, the breakfasts are always a standout, plus the staff and service are all super courteous and helpful.  The Westin also has a good variety of quality restaurants.   

I’ve attached a photo of me in skiing the powder amongst the trees.

We’re missing Japan already!!

Best wishes

Margaret (and Greg)

Rusutsu review.jpg

Mid Feb 2020
It was great, had a wonderful time thank you very much !!

Mid January 2020
We are both thankful that we had 3 beautiful weeks on Hokkaido, skied 3 resorts for 12 days of skiing and could catch up with our son and his girlfriend at Niseko for a week, albeit avoiding the Corona Virus over that time.
I would like to say that we had a lovely time in Rusutsu.
The hotel was fabulous and we were thrilled to receive a room upgrade when we arrived, which made the stay even better.
If I could sum it up like this then here is my feedback;
  • Quality hotel
  • Spotlessly clean
  • First rate staff who were lovely and friendly. They sorted out my wifes mobile phone issue when we arrived, after we had no luck. No question to them was an issue.
  • Beautiful clean room and sizeable
  • Exceptional breakfast as part of the package
  • Great ski locker set up
  • Easy access to the 2 seater access chair
  • Great ski mountain
  • Hotel food was expensive - Y6,300 PP for the nightly buffet worked out to be AUD $180 for 2 before any beverage
  • All the hotel food options were expensive at the Westin. Even the japanese we talked to made the same comment. 
  • At the other resort side were cheaper options but nothing inbetween in terms of quality for an acceptable price e.g. burgers and fries or pizza at the low end, then back to the high end options
  • We did not dine out at the smaller local eating houses as most nights it was snowing. Our choice overall.I would have like to but we just ran out of time.
  • I had to sleep on the murphy fold out bed for the week because the plush bedding was the pillow top variety and my back cannot cope with such soft unsupported mattresses. Thankfully our room upgrade had the murphy fold out bedding, otherwise I would have slept on the floor to cope. This of course is a personal view, as most people probably love these beds and have no issue with them.
Would I book again. Yes I would, however a well negotiated buffet dinner option from your end might soften the financial blow, especially given that the Yen is getting stronger so the Aussies dollar buys far less in japan than it once did. 4 years back we stayed at Shiga Kogen (Ichinose) and I bought nightly meals for 5 of the 9 nights. This gave us flexibility to eat out as well as in.Given we know what the quality of food is like at the Westin (A+) , this would offer some form of food flexibility if it was offered at time of booking.





Mid January 2020

The Westin hotel at Rusutsu was great as usual. Thank you again for your impeccable service for the bookings.
Kind regards 

Early Jan 2016

We fully enjoyed our stay at The Westn Rusutsu Resort. The advantage of being able to use facilities of both the resort and the tower make it a fine one stop destination. After we left Rusutsu we continued travelling around Hokkaido for another couple of weeks, skiing at various other locations.. Thank you for being prompt in dealing with our booking. I attach a video my son made of the trip which features not only Rusutsu but also other locations in Hokkaido.