Early Jan 2020

The Tribute Hotel is pretty good. I would say 95/100.  
They added a gondola from the Tribute to the ski field which make the ski field very convenient.

Some of my groups was in Tomamu, they said the traffic line from Kiroro was much better. Maybe this year Tomamu was lack of snow.

The only one thing I would like to suggest is the real spring onsen need to pay extra 1000yen, if within the deal it can have one voucher then the guest would feel much more worth it.

One more thing that is for me. It would be better to let the hotel know that we are a group of friends and it would be better to have one section only for our group, so that in the night our noise wont make other guests uncomfortable.
Late Dec 2019

Japan Snow Accommodation was great as usual.

Kiroro was a small and family friendly resort. It was easy for the kids to go around and the food situation is better than Tomamu. However the room was small( compared to Tomamu and the apartments in Niseko). Also there was a bit too few slopes to keep everyone interested beyond 3 days. Also the ski in , ski out option at Tribute does not work very well because it is basically a traverse from Sheraton and it is too flat for skiing. So it is much easier to just take the bus.
Yu Tien 

Late February 2018

Our trip was great. We were having great time especially for my kids. Tons of  fresh powder. Hotel was very accommodated, all staffs were friendly and helpful, room was nice with stunning views of the trees and snow. The hot onsen was amazing especially the mineral one set outside to sit in a 41 degrees hot pool while snow falls was quite an experience and a great relief after 6 hours of skiing. The buffet breakfast was delicious with a huge variety and selection of foods and drinks. The dining options good although a little expensive like all ski resorts.  All in all it was great.
The Kiroro a Tribute Portfolio Hotel Hokkaidopaul