Mid Jan 2024

We travelled by bus to Asahikawa, the second largest city in Hokkaido. It is a very pretty city with lots of snow and we stayed at Hoshino resort OMO7, a very nice hotel with complimentary wine each evening! We visited the Asahikawa Zoo and saw the penguin parade plus plenty of other animals. Our day at the zoo was sunny but very cold day, but there are places to go and warm up when needed! Had a great day skiing at Kamui Links, the bus is direct from our hotel.



February 2023
Everything was great and well planed,
Both resorts were super friendly and with very good vibes thanks to the free flow of sparkling wine...
The OMO7 in Asahikawa is really outstanding with an amazing breakfast.
Late Feb 2019 
We booked the Hokkaido Powder Belt Package (Tomamu 5 nights + OMO7 Asahikawa 3 nights)
Thanks to your skiing and accommodation package, every one in our group really enjoyed this trip very much. We also appreciate your great help and considerate arrangement to make our trip and itinerary went so smoothly.
In addition to the wonderful ski courses and beautiful landscape in Kamui ski link, Tomamu and Club Med, every member in our group were impressed by the services during our stay in OMO7 Asahikawa and Tomamu. We love the warmth and joyful atmosphere in  the lobby of OMO7 Asahikawa very much. The clerks in Tomamu also kindly gave us a lot of help by providing useful information to tour around the wonderful facilities in the resort by speaking our native language, Chinese. We are very impressed by the thoughtful services of the Hotel Tomamu.
We are glad to send our ski photos with pleasure. And we looking forward to your ski package for the coming year. 
Best Regards

Early Feb 2019
Hokkaido Powder Belt Package (Tomamu 5 nights & OMO7 Asahikawa 3 nights)
Great 5 days of skiing in Tomamu
The tree skiing within the resort is great fun and because the trees seem to be a bit wider spaced than some other places it is easier to get a rhythm through the trees
The backcountry system offered by the resort works well. Ski patrol doesn’t hassle you and if you mess up and have to get rescued then you just pay what it costs - can’t be fairer than that
Tomamu isn’t a traditional older style Japanese resort. It is a modern integrated resort occupied nearly 100% by Chinese. If you judge it by that standard then there were plenty of good food options, apartment accommodation in the tower was excellent and the package you sourced was good value
OMO hotel in Asahikawa was also good accommodation and the one day guide service was well organised and we had a great day at Tokachidake. Next day we got a free bus to Kamui which would have been ok but weather turned bad which is just the luck of the day.