Late January 2020

We had a great holiday even though the snow was average .
The food at Plaza hotel was very good but unfortunately I had trouble sleeping on a tatami mat . I had a very bad back as a result of sleeping on the floor and missed one days skiing . The hotel was very helpful when they found out about my problem and they provided me with a stretcher which solved my problem . I think they went and purchased the stretcher especially for me. In future I will have to stay in western rooms
David Hopkins
15th January 2023
Tazawako was a great field and the accommodation was real nice, especially if you have a Japanese Room (which I recommend) which are in the main building (the western rooms were in another block, bit of a hike through the corridors to the front door.)
Once again thank you for your help and commitment, it was awesome as usual.
Look forward to next year.

Late January 2020

We liked our one day skiing at Tazawako, but then it rained.

Accommodation was fine and we had a special area for our evening meals. Nice food!

Even were treated to a concert on two nights by Akita folk singers. Quite special, very different to our familiar folk singing.

Huge choice at breakfast. A shuttle bus to the slopes. Unfortunately, we were bused up to slopes on the second day, only to find that the whole resort was closed. Didn't matter, as we went off around the lake and had a good day being tourists.

You helped us get a shuttle down to the station on the third day, thank goodness!

Regards, Tony