2nd February

Thanks for the bookings you made.  There were no problems with any of the bookings.  Your access instructions matched ones I had worked out in December.  Finally home last weekend after visiting Sado Island and Takayama (no skiing).

Meitoya So was good. Similar to our previous stay in 2018.  The rooms are good, the view outside was great, food was good. The staff although not english speaking, were as helpful as they could be.  Its location is ok,. Recommended as a place to stay.

We negotiated with the ski hire shop to be able to leave boots and skis there each night, so  we could walk there in the morning in hiking boots.  The previous stay, the hotel had a bus that could drop us at various locations in the village, but this no longer runs.  If you had to carry all your ski gear, the ropeway is quite a walk especially if you were walking in ski boots.  In our case we were able to ski our way across.

Zao Onsen is very much a Japanese resort and very accommodating to people like us.  Lack of non japansese makes a nice change compared to say Shiga.

We will probably be back in the years ahead. 

John and Kaylene