Mid January 2014.

My stay at Madarao totally exceeded my expectation. The accommodation was great, well-heated, absolutely beautiful scenery, it was comfortable and not at all crowded. Naoko made our stay so lovely and enjoyable. She was so hospitable, friendly and the food she made was top quality. I would have to say that it was the best all-round accommodation, meals and service that I received my entire trip in Japan. The mountain was amazing, it looked beautiful and I had so much fun snowboarding on the slopes. I would most definitely stay at Madarao Alpbach again, and am hoping to do so soon! Below are some photos from my trip

Best Regards Elle Buyers



Mid February 2014
Accomadation was amazing at Alpbach....It made our trip. The owners and their dog are the best...amazing food and location. Honestly had the best time... Your help was awesome too.....We will be back next year! Thanks for all your help!
Jason Langendam
Mid February 2014
The trip was awesome accommodation was fantastic! Food was all-time! People were supper cool! Their dog Axle was a legend! I highly recommend Alpbach as a place to stay! Below is a shot of me in the Madarao tree run.
Tim Morris

Mid January 2014
We had such a fantastic time at Alp Bach. Naoko and Ukihiro are such wonderful people. They made us feel like we were part of their family. Our stay there is a beautiful memory. We had fresh snow most days. And had some fun times with other Japanese families too. Thanks for your support and concern for our arrangements. We are so lucky to have you as our agent. Thankyou for your professional and prompt service.
Mid January 2013
We ended up being the only guest through most of our stay meaning we felt like we were living in a big house with an open fireplace and views of the ski hill. Access to the ski hill was a 50m walk over the road to strap in. At the end of the day the ski out was similar with a short walk over a car park to get home. We ended up having dinners at the place for 2000 yen and they were massive four coarse meals so we actually asked for a little bit less food. The food was fantastic and the breakfast were great. The owner family were great and we met the whole family, even the dog who was very friendly. I am pretty confident in saying in the 5 trips to Japan visiting over a dozen major ski destinations in Japan our group was probably the most relaxed and enjoyed there stay at the Alp Bach the most. Normally as a group we look for new places to ski but as a group we are all talking about when we can get back to Madarao. So thanks for the recommendation and I thought you would like to know.  
By T.D