Early February 2014

We have just eaten our second eight course banquet here at the Deervalley Hotel. We have been really impressed with the presentation, variety, quality and quantity of the food we have been provided, especially as they have catered so well to our vegetarian request. The hospitality shown by the receptionist, hostess and waitress (all the same person who must work long hours) has been superb. The hotel room and the facilities are excellent. We are so happy to be here and would highly recommend this hotel. We have had friends staying at the Bearmonte, and have spent time there. It is much cosier here and better laid out, plus cigarette smoke seems to hang around all through the hotel. The Deer Valley is a much better choice. Thank you for organising it and also the promptness in responding to my emails.
Great service.
Thanks again

October 2012
We had a great time at Asahidake" Everything worked out perfectly with the transportation and the hotel was great! It was easily the nicest, most comfortable hotel I have stayed in in Japan at any price. A great value. The staff was fantastic, too. Thank you for your assistance in booking DeerValley, I will definitely contact you again for future bookings. I will probably take a few ski trips around Japan this winter so I will be in touch!
By K