Gifu - Dynaland / Takasu Snow Park Accommodation

We have listed our first accommodation in Gifu!

Gifu is located in the centre of Japan.  If you know the 3rd biggest city Nagaoya, Gifu is north of Nagoya (65 minute drive from Nagoya).  We would like to introduce the most well known resort in Gifu, which is Mt. Takasu.  Mt. Takasu is the largest mountain in West Japan and has Dynaland and Takasu Snow Park adjoining at the top of the mountain.

mt takasu1.jpg

The left side is Dynaland and the right is Takasu Snow Park.

mt takasu2.jpg

Dynaland has 18 runs including the whole run with park items.

mt takasu7.jpg

Dynaland Centre House

mt takasu6.jpg

Hit the log bridge in the Wood Park!!

mt takasu3.jpg

Dynaland is open until 23:00pm every night.  Weekends open from 5:00am.  Open for 18 hours on the weekends!!

mt takasu4.jpg

The centre house of Takasu Snow Park.

mt takasu5.jpg

The SP Gondola will take you up to the top (2,700 m long) and you can have a 4 km run the longest!!

mt takasu0.jpg

Hotel Villa Montsaint is conveniently located near the Dynaland.  There is a free shuttle bus to connect you to Dynaland and Takasu Snow Park from the hotel.  The rate starts from 15,800 yen including 2 day lift pass for Mt. Takasu, breakfast & dinner, free car park, twin share.  (weekdays only)

If you would like to add something more to your trip to Gifu, there is an amazing spot to visit.  It is about an hour drive from Dynaland.  Shirakawago is a historical snow village acknowledged as a world heritage.

gifu 1.jpg

The beautiful scenery on the way to Shirakawago.

shirakawago village.jpg

Looking down the Shirakawago village.

gifu 2.jpg

One of the Gasyo-zukuri houses in Shirakawago.  Some of them are 300 years old.

gifu 3.jpg

Inside the house

It is said that people started building this style of building called Gasyo-zukuri in the 17th century.  The angle of the roof is helping the snow to fall down naturally instead of people climbing up the dangerous slippery roof to remove the snow.  The village still has very old Gasyo-zukuri houses.

It is certainly worth visiting this beautiful village on your way to / from Mt. Takasu resort to experience how the Japanese people lived 300 years ago. You can just drop in for a visit or you can stay the night and enjoy traditional Japanese cooking and an Asahi around the fire before curling up for a cozy nights sleep on the futon. It will certainly be an experience you will never forget!

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