We have listed a new accommodation in Madarao Kogen.

Madarao Kogen has great snow as well as other Japanese well-known resorts,

but there are less Westerners and less crowded.

The owner of Fujio Pension sent us this movie to show you how quiet Madarao was during weekdays in January(High Season!!!)

Who would like to go to own this resort?

This great snow and the whole resort with various runs will be all yours!!!

The owner of Fujio Pension will guide you to the local secret spots free of charge!


Click the picture to check Fujio Pension!!!

Some more amazing photos of Madarao sent from Fujio Pension.

fujio pension 2.jpg

fujio pension 4.jpg

Look how deep the snow is!!!

fujio pension 3.jpg

More info is coming up soon!