Geto Camp 88 guest reviews


Feb 2017 

We have just finished day 3 at Geto Kogen.This place is incredible.  Amazing. We have had fresh tracks every run since we have been here. It is deserted mid week. We had run after run in 50cm of new super light snow and never saw another skier.The people here are lovely if a bit disorganised. It is clear that the place is struggling with so few customers.  What is staggering is that this place has great lifts, excellent terrain, mind blowing snow and it is deserted. How could it be this good? A number of us (there are two other old Aussie guys here) have done a lot of skiing in Japan and around the world and we are dumdstruck that we are having such a great time with the whole place to ourselves.  Thankyou so much for the suggestion and support. I will keep you posted on the next few days which also look terrific. Pass this message on to Pete for me. 

Rob, John & David.


Mid January 2017


The Geto resort is great. It's small, and there's some aspects of the layout that could be better (plenty of poling and skating required if you're on skis like I was, and snowboarders have their work cut out for them), but it's still a super fun snow playground. Not very busy, good quality snow (albeit a little denser than I was expecting), and some really amazing tree runs to explore. Overall, it's just a great little spot to have fun skiing.


The accommodation is good. Staff are friendly. Heated drying room for your gear is very convenient. There's a nice "relaxation room" with reclining chairs and big windows to gaze out on the mountain. The onsen is excellent, and certainly the best way to finish off a day of skiing. Their dorm setup works pretty well. The beds are enclosed at the top, bottom, and on one side, while the other side has a curtain. The bed itself is decently comfortable, the rice pillow not so much (or at least, I've been spoiled by pillows softer than a sack of dry rice), and they do keep it a little too warm in there (in my opinion) through the night. But it's perfectly serviceable for a night's sleep. The only real downside is that the food is mediocre at best, depending on if your timing is right to get it warm (it's buffet style). But it is extremely convenient and, for the price, what can you expect? It's fine considering how affordable it is.


Japan Snow Accommodation's service was excellent! I have no complaints. You were very helpful. Thank you so much!

Finally, I've attached some photos. Hope this is useful!

Thanks again for your help!


Travis Larson