Hotel Fusch

Ani Ski Resort

Hotel Fusch is a cozy lodge located about 2 minutes drive to Ani Ski Resort. The hotel staff drives you to the resort and picks you up each day. They also pick  you up & drop you off at JR Aniai station which is about 15 minutes drive.

The host is a lovely lady. She takes care of you and also cooks amazing meals. 

Free shuttle bus from/to train station
Private shower, bath, basin & toilet.
TV in room
Western style rooms

Western room with en-suite bathroom accommodating 1 - 4 guests 

Twin share

10,800 yen per adult per night including breakfast & dinner
8,640 yen per child per night including breakfast & dinner


Early Feb 2020

Loved Hotel Fusch - and the owner who was sooo hospitable. Rooms large as were meals. Hotel has an absolute eclectic charm which was off-set by the cute regional train journey to get there. The skiing offered quiet slopes, some tree skiing and powder that you expect when in Japan. As usual excellent service from Hisae and Japan Snow Accommodation. 
Early Feb 2020

I really loved Hotel Fusch, it was very quirky and cool, the people who work there are lovely, the resort wasn't so great.

Mid Feb 2019

  • Old style
  • Fantastic
  • Quiet
  • Loved Hotel Fuchs. We wre in awe at how our hostess does everything. Cooks, drives us up to slopes, seems to help with catering at the gondola base.... 
    Great skiing
  • Transport by Jungko all worked well
  • Loved the area and planning to go back cycling


Early Feb 2019

Great location and easy access to Ani Ski Resort.
This area seems to get a crazy amount of snow but as we found with many of the Northern Tohoku resorts, heavy snow is often accompanies by strong winds, and often and as we experienced, the Ani Ski Resort will shut down the top lift or Gondola in these conditions limiting how much of the resort one can access. What we did ski was fantastic.
Hotel Fusch itself is cozy and comfortable. The beds were also comfortable and the rooms very large. The amenities such as shower/toilet were adequate yet dated.
The Japanese owners only spoke limited English but no problems in communicating. We found them to be hospitable and friendly. The food was actually fantastic, traditional Japanese dinner and breakfast. These were included in the price.
I have no hesitation in recommending this as a place to stay, particularly as there is limited other Hotel options that are easily booked from Australia and within close access to the resort.
Thanks for your assistance with regards to our holiday bookings. You will certainly hear from me again.
Best regards, Rob.




Late Jan 2019

What an amazing experience of Japanese hospitality and old fashioned service we received at Hotel Fusch. From the pick up from the station at the beginning of our stay to the beautiful meals and daily lifts to and from the ski fields we could not have asked for better service. The quaint, older style hotel with huge rooms was very unexpected and our hostess was an amazing bundle of energy.

We were blessed with deep powder snow and very few people on the slopes. Due to very heavy snow, (blizzard conditions) we were unable to do any back country skiing but enjoyed the snow on piste.
A great place if you like getting away from the international crowds and would like a true Japanese experience.
Sharon Hotel Fusch

  • closest chairlift - Ani Gondola - 2 minutes drive by lodge shuttle
  • closest train station - JR Aniai station - 15 minites drive by lodge shuttle

Ani Ski Resort is a hidden gem. If you have been to Hakkoda in Aomori, it is pretty similar. The resort is surrounded by beautiful forests of Japanese Beech and hoards of Snow Monsters.

The resort consists of one gondola and two chairlifts. Because it hasn't been discovered by western skiers or boarders yet, you hardly see any travellers from overseas. Of course, there is no lift queue!

Ani Ski Resort is located in the Akita prefecture.The best public transport would be Akita Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kakunodate station (180 mins). Then there is a cute little local train from Kakunodate to Aniai station (85 mins). From Aniai station, you can be picked up by your accommodation (20 mins)

We recommend to arrange a local guide to enjoy this mountain. We met Takuma who is a super friendly local backcountry & mountain guide at Ani. He knows where to ski & how to enjoy this mountain! The guiding fee is only 30,000 yen / full day guide for up to 4 guests. We are happy to arrange it with your accommodation.

We stayed at Hotel Fusch and met Junko-san who runs this cozy lodge near Ani Ski Resort. It is only 2 minutes drive from Ani Ski Resort. The lodge staff drops you off and picks you up at the resort daily. They also offer pick up & drop off at Aniai station.