Yorokobi No Yado Takamatsu

Kusatsu Onsen

Yorokobi No Yado Takamatsu is located about 4 minute walk from "Yubatake" which is the iconic hot water field in the centre of Kusatsu Onsen. 

Amoung many Kusatsu hot springs, Takamatsu uses the source of "Yubatake" onsen hot water. The discharge temperature is as high as 55 degrees to 95 degrees, but the temperature is turned lower by placing it on natural air. We can bath while concentrating hot springs at 100%. Basically it is a colorless and transparent hot spring.

The rooms are traditional Japanese style.

Takamatsu runs free shuttle to / from Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort.

Drying Room
Free shuttle bus to/from lifts
Free shuttle from/to bus stop
Japanese style rooms
Licensed bar on premises
Wifi available


Japanese room with en-suite bathroom (1 - 4 guests)

Twin share rates
weekdays from 11,150 yen per person per night including breakfast & dinner
Ssturdays & holidays from 16,650 yen per person per night including breakfast & dinner

It is about 5 minutes drive to/from Kusatsu Onsen Ski Resort by tthe free scheduled shuttle bus.

Takamatsu offers free pick up & drop off at Kusatsu Bus Terminal, which we can arrange it for you in advance.

It is about 4 minutes walk to the town centre.

Kusatsu Onsen is famous as one of the three major Onsens in Japan. There is also a small ski resort in Kusatsu Onsen. The mountain is not big but suited to beginners and intermediates and worth a fun session.

The temperature of the Kusatsu Onsen water is from 51 to 94 degrees, which is too hot to bathe in.  Water stirring known as "Yumomi" is used to lower the temperature without cutting it with cold water.

This unique bathing method of Yumomi (water beating) is a custom that has been passed down since the Edo period.   The water from the spring is stirred with boards that are 30 cm wide and 180 cm long while the song is sung. Netsu no Yu, which is located near Yubatake, is recommended for its yumomi and dance show and for events where guests can give it a try.

The Yumomi show is a must experience!