Geto Camp 88

Geto Kogen

Geto Camp 88 is a very unique sytle of accommodation. How can I describe....? It is a massive dormitory
with 88 beds. Each bed has a power point, a reading light and a curtain. There is men's and women's
communal Onsen, a restaurant and a lounge area.

The location is amazing. It is actually located in the resort centre dome, which means that you wake up
right at the bottom of the slopes! Have the delicious breakfast, put on your boots, grab your gears and
just get out there for the GETO powder!!

  • Amenities for sale at the reception, towels avaialble to rent each bed has a power point, a reading light.  
  • Check in: 15:00 / Check out: 9:00

Communal bathroom
Shuttle bus from/to train station
Wifi available

Bunk bed in a large dorm room

Rates from 10,400 yen per person per night including breakfast & dinner

Private 4 person dormitory room

Rates from 43,600 yen per room including breakfast & dinner for 4 persons

Private 6 person bunk room

Rates from 65,400 yen per room including breakfast & dinner for 6 persons



1st February 2023

We enjoyed our stay at Geto Camp 88.  
I liked that we were located at the base of the ski area, steps away from the lifts.
Everything was clean.  
Staff was friendly, kind and helpful.  
For as many people as were staying there, it was quiet, especially at night—no problems sleeping.  The common/dining area was a great place to meet other skiers and enjoy the views of the ski area.  
The large windows of this area are great for watching the sunrises or watching storms come in.  
The food was good and plentiful.  
The beds were comfortable and the lockers for valuables were appreciated.  
I really like that there was a drying room for your boots and your snow clothes.
The onsen area very clean.  
I enjoyed the indoor and outdoor onsens as well as the cold plunge and sauna.  
The room upstairs with lounge chairs—perfect place to read/relax/enjoy the views.  
And the free shuttle bus to the area is comfortable and so much appreciated. 
Thank you Hisae!


Mid Feb 2019

Very helpful, friendly and accommodating staff
Clean and tidy
Great location, next to the lift
I would go again 
Guest from Australia



Late Jan 2019

We had a great time at Camp Geto and the staff were friendly and helpful.
Thanks for all your help with our trip.
Kind Regards
 Early March 2018

 Ski Resort – We went in the beginning of March and experienced a warm spell. The ski resort had a lot of snow, but we had stickier snow because of the warm temperatures. We still had a great time skiing and enjoyed riding through their snow park with boxes and jumps. The resort wasn’t that crowded and could definitely see why people would enjoy the resort in the fresh powder. 

Accommodations – A group of 5 of us stayed 2 nights at Geto 88. They assigned us to a separate room with 6 bunk beds instead of sleeping in the large skier bunk area. Breakfast, dinner and onsen were included in the cost. The meals were served buffet style and we found the food to be good. The onsen was large and included an indoor and outdoor pools with a cold bath and sauna. Our favorite thing about staying in Geto was the 5 second walk from the accommodations to the ticket window. Great ski in/ski out access and we’ll be back again!
I also included a couple pictures.
Early Feb 2018
Geto 88 was an experience.  Been a light sleeper I had to end up sleeping in the lounge area,  and there was not enough ventilation in the dorm area making it extremely hot. Access to and from the resort is very limited and as we wanted to checkout in the morning there is no bus to allow this.  I highly recommend staying in the nearby town to enjoy a good nights sleep, good food and you can explore a little. Geto 88 is like stepping back into a high school camp. The resort itself is on the smaller size and patrolled very strictly.   On a good power day it gets very very busy. 
Japan Snow Accommodation are amazing to deal with and very prompt in replying, I would highly recommend using them again. 

Tohoku February 2018

Well what a fantastic trip we had across the Tohoku region from Aomori into Iwate!
All 3 accommodations booked through Japan Snow Accommodations were superb and offered us different experiences.
We were a group of 4 travelling around the Tohoku region of Japan.
Hakkoda Resort Hotel – Excellent location, great skiing and snow but the ropeway can be wind affected, large relaxing onsen and the food spread each night was simply fantastic. What a unique place it is… and the staff couldn’t have been more helpful.
Aomori Springs Rockwood Hotel – What a beautiful setting and resort. Plenty of powder and skiing that could go into the night for an exceptional powder experience. The hotel was fantastic and was located right on the slopes with easy access and plenty of support amenities. An amazing inside and outside onsen could be enjoyed as the snow fell down around you. Stopping for a satisfying lunch at the ramen house was a highlight to look forward to each day. This place was a gem and worth the effort of getting too! The local Ajigasawa sake is pretty good as well. 
Geto Camp 88 – How good is this place?! Yes you are in a large dorm and sharing facilities but it is a fantastic experience where everyone is there with the same appreciative and respectful attitude. Being right on the slopes, plenty of snow, good food and after skiing all day you’re in bed early because your exhausted and feeling great after a couple of beers or sake… it is simply a delight to be able to enjoy such a place. The communal areas allow you to relax whilst the inside and outside onsen are a marvellous place to soak up. 
We did this mainly by train which, with a bit of preparation for options, was relatively easy to do and the Japanese people were very friendly, helpful  and respectful throughout our travels. Thanks for helping us organise this and we really appreciated the service you provided. Skiing Japan is an adventure to be savoured and a privilege to experience. We’ll be back to all 3 places and more for sure!
4 Geto waiting for opening
5 Geto Tree closure after too much snow
6 Geto Pano
Early Feb 2018
We had a really great time at Geto - for us it was the best 2 days of skiing we had in a 2 week trip in Japan! Despite only a few lifts the variety of terrain available is astonishing and we especially enjoyed the tree runs. It's great to have such interesting skiing 'inbounds' and so easily accessible. There was never a queue, and the gondala means that even in bad weather the uplift is a respite. 

The facilities you have at the bottom of the mountain are great. The onsen/spa is very comfortable, opening hours really good, and excellent to relax in after skiing for a day.
The beds/sleeping room were comfortable and quiet. I wonder whether it should be marketed as a capsule hotel rather than bunk beds. It essentially is a capsule hotel and for tourists I think that is more exciting and quintessentially Japanese.
On one night the food was really amazing, with the chef cooking steak for us! But if there were one thing to improve I'd probably say the food could be a little better. If you were late it ends up cold. 
The other thing that would help a lot is a bus down the mountain at lunchtime each day, so people can stay, ski the morning, then leave the mountain in time to travel to other places.
Thanks for a really great stay, we hope to be back in the future!

Mid January 2018

Geto Kogen was a nice little resort.  The budget accommodation was comfortable and very convenient.  For the size of the dormitory it was very quiet and was easy to meet other guests. The ski hill itself looked like it would be great on a good day.  Unfortunately I was there on a bad day.  Not the resort's fault and such is the fickleness of skiing.  All other resort's in the region would have had the same conditions.  The following day it snowed heavily.


Late January 2018


The accommodation at the dorm in Geto was great.

Probably only a third full but was very pleasant, not too noisy but could be if it was full I'd imagine. The whole resort complex, restaurant etc was much larger than I thought it would be. Bummer about the main gondola being broken but that’s life. The convenience of the ski in ski out accomm was great, way better than waiting for the shuttle to the other alternatives. Thanks again for all your help, if we get there again, we’ll get hold of you immed.


Late Jan 2018

Thanks for the follow up email. I have mixed feelings about Geto. It was over all a good place.

The staff, food, main building, bus transport, and Onsen were all good. However one of their gondolas was not operating during my stay. This gondola provides access to the majority of their advanced terrain, so without it I felt rather restricted. It also congested all of the guest traffic onto the significantly reduced terrain. This was a bit of a safety issue when the snow was really heavy and visibility reduced as many beginner and weak intermediate guests were congesting the steep runs and blocking the route, which can lead to collisions. In normal conditions this is severely reduced as there would have been enough space for people to spread out. The resort should have either reduced their price or worked out a solution for the broken gondola. I thought they could have perhaps used one of their snow cats to shuttle people from the functional gondola to the unserviced area, similar to the cat skiing provided at Mt Hotham. This would have been a great solution.

Anyway as I said the overall vibe was good and hopefully they get the gondola issue resolved rather than just leave it turned off as has happened with many chair lifts across Japan.

You guys provided a good service in hooking up the trip. Everything went to plan and it was easy to arrange. Thanks again for your assistance in this matter.


Mid January 2018
We are back and had a great time in Japan as always, Geto Kogen had amazing snow for 3 of the 4 days we were there, the gondola issue wasnt a problem for us, you could access most of the runs anyway. The manager Kuge was excellent and very helpful, they had a big group of Taiwanese come in so he moved us into a private room away from the noise, he does an amazing job and works hard.
Cant wait for next year  Thanks again for all your help
Cheers Jodie



Feb 2017

We have just finished day 3 at Geto Kogen.This place is incredible. Amazing. We have had fresh tracks every run since we have been here. It is deserted mid week. We had run after run in 50cm of new super light snow and never saw another skier.

The people here are lovely if a bit disorganised. It is clear that the place is struggling with so few customers. What is staggering is that this place has great lifts, excellent terrain, mind blowing snow and it is deserted. How could it be this good? A number of us (there are two other old Aussie guys here) have done a lot of skiing in Japan and around the world and we are dumdstruck that we are having such a great time with the whole place to ourselves.

Thankyou so much for the suggestion and support. I will keep you posted on the next few days which also look terrific. Pass this message on to Pete for me.

Rob, John & David.



Mid January 2017

Resort The Geto resort is great. It's small, and there's some aspects of the layout that could be better (plenty of poling and skating required if you're on skis like I was, and snowboarders have their work cut out for them), but it's still a super fun snow playground. Not very busy, good quality snow (albeit a little denser than I was expecting), and some really amazing tree runs to explore.

Overall, it's just a great little spot to have fun skiing. Accommodation The accommodation is good. Staff are friendly. Heated drying room for your gear is very convenient. There's a nice "relaxation room" with reclining chairs and big windows to gaze out on the mountain.

The onsen is excellent, and certainly the best way to finish off a day of skiing.

Their dorm setup works pretty well. The beds are enclosed at the top, bottom, and on one side, while the other side has a curtain. The bed itself is decently comfortable, the rice pillow not so much (or at least, I've been spoiled by pillows softer than a sack of dry rice), and they do keep it a little too warm in there (in my opinion) through the night. But it's perfectly serviceable for a night's sleep.

The only real downside is that the food is mediocre at best, depending on if your timing is right to get it warm (it's buffet style). But it is extremely convenient and, for the price, what can you expect? It's fine considering how affordable it is.

Service Japan Snow Accommodation's service was excellent! I have no complaints. You were very helpful. Thank you so much! Finally, I've attached some photos. Hope this is useful!

Thanks again for your help!

Travis Larson



We had a great time at Camp Geto and the staff were friendly and helpful. Thanks for all your help with our trip.
Kind Regards

  • Closest chairlift - 10 m
  • Train station - Kitakami

There is the resort free shuttle bus or we will arrange return taxi transfers if needed.

Geto receives huge amount of snow falls. The tree run ares are so much fun for powder skiing & snowboarding after massive snow storms.

Probably not suited to families but perfect for those who are looking for new and less crowded new powder mountains.

The closest train station is Kitakami, which takes about 2 hours 20 minutes from Tokyo by Tohoku Shinkansen (bullet train). There is free shuttle from Kitakami to Geto or we can arrange a taxi which takes about 50 minutes.

We have two choices of accommodation. Semo onsen Ryoakn is traditional japanese style accommodation 10 mintes drive from the lifts and Geto Camp 88 is cheaper dormentry style accommodation right on the mountain.