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Ryokan Jon Nobi - Nozawa Onsen (Nagano)

Ryokan Jon Nobi has a modern Japanese style. It is located right in front of one of the 13 public Onsens called "Oyu". The pure Onsen water is used for their communal baths plus they have two private onsen bathrooms, which you can use only with your family or friends privately.  JON NOBI means "RELAX". JON NOBI at our onsen! JON NOBI at our modern Japanese style bar after skiing/boarding!


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  • Name : Takashi Miyaoka
  • Nickname : Taka
  • favorite snow resort : Marunuma Kogen (Gunma)
  • How long have you been snowboarding? : 12 years
  • What's your favorite brand? : LIB TECH
  • Who's your favorite snowboarder? - Antti Autti
  • Which resort would you like to go overseas? - Mt. Buller (Australia)
  • Which resort would you like to go in Japan? - Alts Bandai (Fukushima)

Taka sent us a few pictures of himself at Marunuma Kogen.  Marunuma Kogen is located in Gunma. This resort is famous for its long season, they are open for 190 days throught the year, which is more than half a year.  They have powerful fast gondolas (2.5 km ride) to take you to the top only in 10 minutes.  There are both beginner and intermediate runs from the top, which means that you can enjoy the ride in the gondola with great views no matter what level you are.  The snow depth is 230 cm. (29/01/10)




Thanks for the pictures, Taka!

Accommodation in Gunma

Taka's favorite boarder Antti Autti

Our local snowboarder Shun has sent us some photos.  His new season has already started in AsahidakeHis last day was not long ago.  It was July and he sent us the photo of him snowboarding in his boardshorts.  What a long season he has got.  Lucky Shun!!! 
Asahidake is famous for backcountry and the amazing powder snow.  Can't wait to see more snow...
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