A secret of special snow vehicle - Nozawa Onsen -

Look at this picture.  This is the special snow vehicle that Pension Tannenhof uses to pick up their guests from bus stop (Pension Tannenhof is located on the ski run in Nozawa Onsen , so this is the only way to get there unless you walk.)  Have you seen this kind of strange looking vehicle?  This looks like one of the Toyota Hi-ace vans with four triangle caterpiller tyres.  Do you know how much one caterpiller costs?  "ONE MILLION YEN", which is 7,000 dollers (AUD$1 = 70 yen).  I couldn't believe it when the Tannenhof owner told me about this.   Who wants to have a ride on this special vehicle?  Stay at Pension Tannenhof!


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Check the room types of Pension Tannenhof ( Nozawa Onsen )


Nozawa Onsen Snow Depth : max 170 cm