Japanese Local Snowboarder Profile #2

 syun1.jpg    Profile #2 Syun Fujita

  1. Name: Shun Fujita
  2. Age: 26
  3. Born: Asahikawa (Hokkaido)
  4. Live: Asahikawa (Hokkaido)
  5. Snowboarding: 7 years
  6. Favorite Resort: Horotachi (Hokkaido)
  7. Which oversea resort would you like to go? - BC in Alaska.  I want to try it without helicopter.
  8. What do you do when the season is off? - Surfing, Mountain climbing, Yoga
  9. Favorite brands: Field Earth Design, Columbia, Oakley, Level, Flux, DC
  10. Which resort have you been recently? - Asahidake
  11. How was the condition? - The wind was too strong and there wasn't much powder.
  12. How long have you been BC snowboarding? - 5-6 years
  13. Where do you recommend for BC snowboardingh in Japan? - Asahidake(Daisetsuzan), Tokachidake
  14. What was the most dangerous experience? - white out, fall
  15. Who is your favorite pro snowpoarder? - Motomura Katsunori, Craig Kelly
  16. What is snowboarding for you? - a part of my life!

Shun has been into this new type of board called 3D board.  He says that 3D board makes you feel like you are floating on the snow even if the surface is really hard.  When you put your weigh on the front foot and move your back foot like when you are surfing, you can make turns smoothly and get great speed.



Photography by Maechan

Shun's 3D board - Field Earth Design

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Place to stay in Asahidake