Shiga Kogen is one of the largest ski resorts in Japan. There are 18 ski areas consisting of 51 chairlifts & gondolas. You can ski across the whole mountains or catch the mountain shuttle bus.
The most popular area for the accommodations would be the Ichinose area where there are several restaurant options to dine out. The Yakebitaiyama area has three Prince Hotels. The Okushiga Kogen area is nice and quiet and have high class hotels.
Shiga Kogen is located in the Nagano region. It is about 90 minutes from Tokyo to Nagano station by Shinkansen (bullet train) and another 90 minutes by Nagaden Express bus from Nagano station to Shiga Kogen. You also have an option to catch the direct airport shuttle to your accommodation. We can help you planning the best way to transfer to Shiga Kogen from the airport or anywhere in Japan.