Look at this photo!  Where is this?  What is this?  Yes! This is the scariest toilet in the world.  This is in Madarao Kogen, Nagano.  It doesn't look relaxing, but I am sure you will like it!  You can feel how high the jump stand is.  Would you like to use this toilet?  Let's go to Madarao Kogen!!!


What's good about Madarao Kogen?

  1. free lift passes for children under 12 years old every day
  2. free snowboarding lessons 4 times a day (twice a day during January) at a beginer run with a magic carpet
  3. open until midnight on the new year's eve & celebration event with fire works
  4. relaxing rest area that you can take off your boots and lie down (free)
  5. ocean view from the top (There will be a green run for beginners to ski down in case you are scared the interemidiate run.)
  6. Zipline Adventure - sliding down with the ropes for mountain climbing above the ski runs like Tarzan
  7. Air Wave 2 - untouched runs that you can enjoy powder, tree runs...etc

madarao ski jo.bmp






madarao map for japansnowscene.jpg

This resort is worth exploring as you new destiny.

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Tours to other major resorts such as Nozawa Onsen, Myoko Kogen and Snow monkey park from Madarao Kogen