Would you like to add a little bit of city & cultural experience onto your Asahidake snow holidays? Asahikawa is the second bigggest city in Hokkaido!

All Asahidake guests must transit through Asahikawa anyway. So, you can easily add a couple of nights onto your Asahidake stay.

But, we know that for most of our guests getting the best snow is their no.1 priority! If the snow forecast looks epic when you are booked to stay in Asahikawa you can still do a day trip to Kamui Ski Links (40 minutes) or Asahidake (60 minutes). Just change your plan and go skiing/boarding!!

There are so many places you can go visit and enjoy in Asahikawa! I have made a few suggestions below.


Day 1

15:00 Check in at your hotel

15:30 Ice Skating at the Yukki Link in front of the Asahikawa train station (FREE of charge!!)


16:30 Shopping near the hotel


18:00 Dinner! Asahikawa is the second biggest city in Hokkaido with a massive array of dining options!!



Day 2

9:00 Quick morning skiing at Kamui Ski Links (40 minutes)                         



13:00 Lunch at Asahikawa Ramen (noodle soup) Village  (15 minutes from the city central)

Asahikawa Ramen Village 



15:00 Takasago Sake Brewery

Takasago Sake Brewery 


17:00 Back to the hotel


Day 3

10:00 Visit Asahiyama Zoo  and enjoy the lovely penguin parade. Only 40 minutes from the city central.



16:00 Taste some localy brewed beer at Taisetsu Ji Beer (Lunch & Dinner also available)

Taisetsu Ji Beer(Japanese only)

Enjoy your city & snow holidays in Asahikawa!!

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