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Pension Tannenhof


Early Feburary 2014  

This trip was a repeat of our last trip to Japan two years ago. 

We had a week at Shiga Kogen and a week at Nozawa Onsen, staying at the same accomodations  
again, which we liked in both cases, but especially at Shiga Kogen.

We also flew Air Asia again and were satisfied with them.

The snow was not as deep as last time but still excellent and we did not have any major spills.

We had no problems with your service

We will probably go again in two years time.




"We were at the hotel for 3 days. It was amazing!

The hotel`s place is fantastic. It is very practical when you have a small child. Everybody were very responsive and attentive. 

The food was delicious.We hope we will come back. Thank you very much!"

By Liudmila


"Me and my sister found Pension Tannenhof to have a fantastic location, 

caring staff and a semi traditional atmosphere which all contributed to a great stay. 


By Josh


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