Close the toilet lid in Japan! - movie -

Close the toilet lid in Japan!- movie -

Before you watch this movie, it is easier to understand if you know that most Japanese modern toilet seats are heated up with electricity in winter.

          Message in this movie

Let's close the toilet lid so that we can stop producing CO2.  Let's start something that we can do for the enviroment, then we can stop the global warming.  In the snow seasons, close the toilet lid to save our planet.


          Time &Translation

  • 0:09 - If you close the toilet lid when you finish using it......
  • 0:14 - we can stop producing 39g CO2 per day.
  • 0:20 - When it snows......
  • 0:32 - Close the toilet lid!
  • 1:20 - When you close it, let's do it gently!
  • 1:25 - To be able to enjoy snowboarding for a long time,
  • 1:32 - Start something that you can do for the enviroment!
  • 1:37 - The toilet lid will save the earth!?
  • 1:44 - Close the toilet lid!
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