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Villa Village Dakemi


Mid January 2015

We had a great trip.

The accommodation was basic but good.

The service has been excellent.

Best wishes


Early February 2104

"My wife and I enjoyed our stay at the Dakemi in early Feb. 

The rate was reasonable and the location relative to Happo was great.

Barely a 2 minute walk to the lift. It was also an easy walk to the "Pub" bar and grill as well as a couple other small restaurants.

Finding the villa was difficult. A better, more detailed map would help but this is so true for most travel in Japan. 

We had a self contained room with bath and kitchen. The kitchen however was limited by a small 'fridge and a single propane burner. You'll need to buy a can of propane if you wish to use this. The rest of the room was spacious enough though the layout was odd. We didn't have a meal package so I can't speak to the food nor did we use the onsen. The common areas were ample and clean. 

I would recommend this villa to small families and groups of young people."

By David


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